Hi Stitch Team!

I am filing a feature request for the option to: Disable a trigger manually and be able to restart it without using a resume token (i.e. such that DB events that occurred while it was disabled will be ignored by the trigger, and it will simply start listening for new events upon restart).

I see that this functionality already exists in the event of a trigger being suspended due to error (https://docs.mongodb.com/stitch/triggers/database-triggers/#restart-the-trigger), but choosing to resume a trigger without a resume token is not available when the trigger is disabled manually.

FWICT, the only real option this leaves is to completely delete and recreate the trigger whenever we want it to ignore events for a period of time, but start listening for DB events again once the operations to be ignored have been processed. This workaround is rather high-friction and also is destructive in a sense, so I think this is a reasonable feature to consider.

In my view, this could be implemented very similarly to how this already works in the "restart on error" procedure, with a checkbox allowing to choose to use the resume token, or not.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Take care!