We need text search to "somehow" work locally and ci.

We've a multiregional team and development has to continue if there are internet problems in one of our offices.

Our workflow consists of :

- unitTest using in-memory-mongodb

- local testing, using the developers local mongo instance

- test env testing with a QA team (using atlas, but <30m)

- production launch :rocket:

With the current feature set, the first time we can test a feature is on production. Even if low-tier availability was there the other two issues are blockers as we won't just ditch TDD for textSearch.

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Not sure if this helps you but after lots of discussions & some testing it was decided to not use the new full-text search, but continue to use our own solutions although we're using atlas(even for new products). The accumulation of problems was a dealbreaker.

Generally I feel like this atlas-only feature thing is weird. We'd be happy to pay some license fee, but this forced lockin seems like a bad idea in regards to adoption. I cannot imagine a CTO who's just willing to do this.